Don’t Recklessly Clean Motorcycle Chains

The motor chain has a very vital function in distributing power from the engine to the rear wheels. For this reason, the chain must get proper treatment. Use the best motorcycle chain cleaner to get maximum chain maintenance. Over time, the chain will definitely get dirty. This condition must not be underestimated. Because over time it will disrupt performance and automatically impact on motor performance. A motor whose chain has not been cleaned for a long time will surely cause annoying noise, the sound will be rust and dirt in the chain.

In addition to being clean, the chain must always be lubricated. Actually, it is not difficult in doing motorcycle chain maintenance. The first step that can be done to clean the chain is to spray the penetrant to all parts of the chain. This liquid works to fade away the rest of the lubricant following the dirt attached. If it is difficult to find penetrants, use kerosene or diesel fuel to smear dirt.

After that, clean the chain by brushing. You can use an old toothbrush or a small brush to knock out dirt.

After cleaning from dirt, the next step is to lubricate with a special lubricant motorcycle chain. Before being lubricated, first dry the chain by driving at close range. When the chain has dried, spray with chain lubricant evenly.

Even today many products have claims to be the best motorcycle chain cleaner. Use the best product and also following the motor to be cleaned. Also pay attention to what must be done following the instructions of the instructions because some of the ingredients in the motor chain cleaning products are very smelly and flammable, so when cleaning the motor chain must be done in an open room and protected from flammable materials. Perform regular motor chain maintenance to get the best care.

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