Tips for Washing Baby Clothes

Choosing newborn clothes are mostly not separated from the shirt and pants. Don’t forget, you also have to prepare clothes in various conditions. For example, a jacket or sweater, hat, trousers and casual clothes to leave the house. If at home your child just needs to wear casual clothes like after the shirt and pants. If you are interested in buying aunt and nephew matching outfits, you can visit our website right now.

Without you realizing it, even though it is still new, baby clothes and diapers have been exposed to dust and dirt when shipping goods. If not cleaned immediately, this dirt will last a long time in baby clothes, making clothes dull quickly. In addition, dust from clothes can potentially irritate and reddish baby’s skin. Washing clothes and new cloth diapers do not have to be complicated, really. Only soak 30 minutes with warm water, then gently check clothes, and rinse with cold water.

If your baby’s clothes are stained, here are the steps you need to do:

Use special detergents for baby clothes

Compared to detergents used for adult clothing, baby clothes detergent formula is smoother and has no pungent odor. This baby soap does not damage the fabric fibers or loosen the rubber at the waist of the baby’s pants. Before starting to wash it, clean the remaining milk or dried food on the surface of the shirt so that it no longer clings to the shirt. Then, soak in cold water that has been added 1-2 tablespoons of liquid baby washing soap. Soaking will smear the stain on the fabric fibers.

Separate cloth diapers with T-shirts and other clothes

Given the different stain types, cloth diapers should be soaked and washed separately. Urine stains on cloth diapers that are not washed and rinsed until completely clean, risks causing irritation and rashes on the baby’s skin. To remove urine stains that stick, you can soak the diaper with baking soda or vinegar. Vinegar is useful for keeping cloth fibers soft. After that, wash the diaper with special baby detergent. Make sure there is no soap left after diapers are rinsed.