What To Consider In Teaching English

Teaching English is not an easy job especially for a non-native speaker like in the South-East Asia. But if you want a opportunity to teach English in Thailand, you could visit Entrust TEFL website to get all the information you need in teaching in Thailand. However, there are many things that you need to be considered in teaching English for foreign. English experts and scientists have prepared material that can be adapted for all levels of students. However, now a new problem arises, namely how a teacher is able to apply these English materials successfully. It might be easy if we apply it to a student whose level of English is good, but for beginner students, teachers are often difficult to do.

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1. Use body language. Beginner students, of course, difficult to understand what you are talking about. To help them, please use Body languages. For example when you say big car, then your mouth says while your arms draw a big circle.

2. Find an assistant. You can make the work a little light by hiring an assistant. The point is that you choose students who have good enough abilities, then make it an intermediary. When you want to submit an assignment or give direction for a group work, you can ask the student for help.

3. Use real things so you can use to make thought visualization better. Use all the real things, for example when you teach comparative and superlative, you can use markers, pencils, and even point to three or two students to make a comparison.

4. Don’t be extreme. Don’t be as good as yourself when using English in class. You should adjust to the conditions, and the level of mastery of students towards the mastery of English. When making English in the classroom the main language, it’s really good. However, it is in vain that you convey when students are not able to absorb it totally.

5. Slow down. Speak slowly and provide appropriate body language if needed. When you speak too fast, your students also find it difficult to understand what you are talking about and the results are will be zero.