Visit Portland and Feel the Excitement

You might think of living in Portland or NYE Beach, after visiting this relaxed and friendly city. With a reputation as a city with beautiful parks, superb nightlife, small-scale breweries and breweries, and natural beauty right in the heart of the city, Portland is a must-visit in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean. You need to visit one of the largest and most beautiful parks outside of Japan, the Portland Japanese Garden. It is an extraordinary park with five gardens in one place. This park is even called the best Japanese garden found outside of Japan.

In addition, if health conditions allow, you are required to climb Dog Mountain. Instead, you can choose Forest Park if you feel unfit.

You can also visit the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Park which is amazing even though it is outside spring. The entry ticket is also quite cheap, which is around $ 5 dollars. Don’t be afraid to enjoy nature in Portland even if you don’t have a car. Hoyt Arboretum, Rose Garden, Japanese Gardens, Zoos, and Forestry Centers are in the same area and can be accessed by public transportation.

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